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Whisky - British Are Trading Up

More of us are drinking better whisky than ever before, according to figures in the 2005 Scotch Whisky Industry Review, published by stockbrokers Charles Stanley. In 2004 Single Malt whisky continued its upward march increasing by 10% on 2003; the export growth rate soared to 12%.

The consumer is trading up. More>>

Bruichladdich Distillery

Glen Keith -
Next Generation Whisky?

With the survival of the Scotch whisky industry dependent on younger drinkers, Glen Keith definitely has credentials that appeal to today's young professional. STORY


The first on-line whisky valuation service

Visitors to the Glenfiddich website can now have their whiskies valued for the first time on-line. The service works by matching the whisky details supplied (distillery and age) with actual auction prices earned by similar bottlings sold by McTear's auction house in Glasgow.

According to Martin Green, Whisky Consultant, the service is "the most up-to-date and visitor friendly on-line guide for people interested in valuable whiskies. It reflects the actual hammer prices...the only website to achieve this."

To try it out for yourself, visit
McTear's auction house can be found at

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