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The body that oversees the Scotch whisky industry. Up-to-the-minute news and information on Scotch Whisky-related issues
The Scotch Malt Whisky Society is for people who enjoy fine Scotch. The Society makes the very finest whiskies available to members, bottled direct from the cask in the peak of condition
The Scotch Malt Whisky Society is a private membership club dedicated to the discerning appreciation and consumption of the most rare and unique of single malt whiskies; unfiltered, single cask, single malt Scotch whisky.
WhiskyMan.com The most appropriate URL is now arguably the largest site in the world, devoted exclusively to Whisky with extensive information on whisky brands, tasting notes, distillery tours and whisky events around the world!
Whisky.co.uk - Ladybank UK Ladybank is a Private Members Club, which already has over 300 members, who come from 30 countries of the world.The Club intends, by focusing on very small production quantities, to create one of the world's greatest single malt whiskies.
Pub Warehouse The Pub Warehouse offers a large array of unique pub items including some wonderful whisky mirrors and wooden bar signs.
The Buxrud Collection An extensive list of whisky links, viewed to the rather insistent strains of a bagpipe.
My Scotland (www.fife.50megs.com) An endearing site that focusses on all things Scottish, tours, books, music, airfares and ancestry
ScotchWhiskyMan.com A stylish, euro-centric, comprehensive Scotch Whisky information site with direct association to Distillers Ltd.
Scotchwhisky.net A euro-centric but relatively comprehensive Scotch Whisky information site
Scotweb Shops A colorful site that promotes all things Scottish, from tartan kilts and Highland bagpipes to sporrans and family crests.
Scottish Roots Ancestral Research Trace your Scottish Family Tree and Ancestor's History with Scotland's top Researchers - now in their 21st year! http://www.scottishroots.com
Internet Wine & Spirits US based online whisky retailer - recommended USA
Potstill.com UK based online whisky retailer - recommended UK
Spirituosen-superbillig.de (Germany) Possibly Germany's largest selection of single malts. They stock approximately 500 whiskies, including Macallan 20, Glenfarclas 25, Springbank 20, bottles from 1940 and earlier
The Whisky Store (Germany) A very comprehensive site, in English and German, with online sales, brand and a virtual distillery. Packed with useful information.
Whisky Web A flashy site with an extensive array of product, servicing both the US and European market. The strong influence of the garphic designer does result in several layers of unnecessary complexity and time consuming clicks, but you do eventually get to the product - I promise!
AlcoholReviews.com Read about and SHOP for beers, spirits, and wines online. Free newsletter!
BevMo.com US based online liquor retailer
The Edinburgh Malt Whisky Tour A rather simple site, maintained by the School of Informatics, The University of Edinburgh. Has information on distilleries and is available in French, German and Italian.
The Whisky Portal A site for whisky, whiskey, bourbon and rye. English, German, French and Danish versions with information about the distilleries, blenders, bottlers and brands. Includes news, events, links, competitions and a whisky forum you can join.
Whiskynet Gone corporate - links to a site called bibacity.tv. Very euro-centric. Follows the formula of catering to the knowledgeable whisky drinker, while ignoring those who might not know a whisky's region of origin. Ignoring a large untapped market.
The Whisky Shop USA Another site that reeks of dotcom era graphic design with its intimidating black background, but it is easy to navigate and offers an extensive online catalog of quality whiskies.
The Whisky Exchange UK based site for single malt whisky and other fine spirits. Primarily a mail order business.
Whisky et Distilleries (France) French site for Scotch whisky and and distillery information.
St. Andrews Quaich Society The main purpose of the society is to arrange whisky tastings throughout the year in the UK.
Whisky Live UK Whisky Live is the whisky tasting event of the year, taking place from London to Tokyo, Paris to Glasgow.

Whisky Publications
Malt Advocate USA The online extension of Malt Advocate, the quarterly magazine for whisky enthusiasts in the US. Malt Advocate also hosts WhiskyFest, the world’s largest and most exciting whisky festivals.
Whisky Magazine UK This comprehesive website is the online counterpart to the UK's highly acclaimed Whisky Magazine, a must read for anyone with an interest in Scotch whisky.

A recent Google search produced 1,410,000 sites related to whisky. It is thus highly probable that I might have overlooked a site that would have significant relevance to the whisky lover. If you would like your site to be considered for a reciprocal link, please submit the URL via email to Link Submission.

WhiskyMan.com's mission is to increase consumption of Scotch whisky, particularly in the USA where I choose to indulge and share my passion for this most noble of spirits.

Keith Lovegrove, Publisher, WhiskyMan.com